Sun Shadows is a globally recognized award winning world fusion group. Inspired by many musical interests, Sun Shadows fuses contemporary instruments, global native instruments and world musical themes to create their own essence of World Fusion music.  Founding members David Martinka and David Cree Tregenza began the Sun Shadows journey back in 2007 after a meeting through mutual friend Dan DeClark owner of Legends of Time in Milford MI. A quick friendship was formed of which soon after the frame work for Sun Shadows heart and soul was in place. “We just had this vibe or creative vision together when it came to creating music” says Martinka. Sun Shadows is currently working on their 3rd studio album.

*2016 single “Shilombush Taloa” released world wide Feb. 22, 2016. 
*2015 Single “I see the Great One” wins Indian Summer Music Awards Nomination.
*2014 album “Journey to the Sun” wins Native American Music Awards nomination.
*2013 album “Journey To The Sun” wins Indian Summer Music Awards nomination.
*2011 album ”Sun Shadows” wins Indian Summer Music Award.

Current members of Sun Shadows

Joaquin Guerrero
Boe Bvshpolawa Glasschild
Brian Bates
David Tregenza
David Martinka


Our new single "Shilombush Taloa is now available for purchase.
Sun Shadows

New Single--Shilombush Taloa

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Radio Play

Sun Shadows music can be heard on these fine radio programs. Both can be streamed live over the internet, smart phones and tablets.
DJ Paul Leon Program: Tribal Voices

DJ Katie Tallfeathers Program: Intertribal

Free ebook

"The Shores Within"
by: Boe Glasschild

These are only a few of the teachings offered by Boe Glasschild in The Shores Within. With a mixture of philosophy, teachings, and personal anecdotes, Glasschild draws the reader into a world of magic, compassion, and healing. The world of the shaman is closely linked to the natural world and lessons in spirituality are everywhere-in animals, birds, sacred places.

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Michigan and Rookie

It's been said there is no bond greater than between a K9 handler and his partner. "Michigan & Rookie" tells the inspiring story of Officer Joaquin Guerrero and his K9 partner, a ninety-pound German shepherd named Rookie.

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  • Sun Shadows Custom USB Drive-4GB

Sun Shadows Custom USB Drive-4GB


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